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This is how we work

1. Query

The preferred method for making a query is to create it here on our website: you can search the product that best fits your needs, you can specify the required amounts and sizes or the position and size of your logos. To help you choose the right product in the right sizes, before placing an order for larger amounts, you have the possibility to order free product samples.Click here to know more about the free samples.

2. Offer

Based on your query we prepare an offer specially tailored for you. In case you want to change your query, we will give a new offer with the modified criteria. Each offer is valid for 7 days.

3. Offer confirmation

If you are satisfied with our offer, we need you to confirm this via email. As the next step we send you the Order confirmation and the proforma invoice. After the receipt of the payment we start the production process.

4. Logo proofing


In a few days after the confirmation you will receive photos about your emboidered motif where you can proof the position, size and colour of your logo. Changes regarding colours or position are free at this stage. After receiving your explicit permission we forward your order to production.


Because of the high costs associated with printing a single item we do not encourage a proof print, but it can also be arranged if genuinely needed.

5. Production & delivery

After receiving your confirmation of the aforementioned proof photo, we start production as soon as we have all the needed wares shipped to us, that takes usually 2–3 days.

Then we fold and pack your finished product, and as the last step we send it to your address (or to the delivery address if given) via DPD.

More information

Shipping info
Logo prices

6. Payment

We'll notify you about the shipping via email that contains the tracking link of the package. After receiving the shipment we recommend you to check the contents of the package.